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Pipe Relining Experts
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“No Dig” Pipe Repair.
Guaranteed solution to fix your pipes.

The Brisbane & Gold Coast Pipe Relining Experts!

We will inspect using a drain camera every year for free.

  • Zero excavation.
  • Zero mess.
  • Zero disturbance.
  • Zero call out fees.
What Our Amazing Customers Have To Say
4.8 Stars
2,431 Google Reviews!
Matt Christie attended our property to investigate some storm drain blockages. Matt was an excellent communicator and took the time to not only explain the issue, but shown us via the high clarity CCTV footage.
After February’s heavy rain we encountered a number of problems with drainage, water tank drainage and a leaking down pipe which has been causing some internal plaster damage for some years. Jem attended and provided exceptional service and advice, he listened to what I was able to (I hope) reasonably explain and was able to troubleshoot through the problem areas. I would highly recommend Jem and the team from Jetset Plumbing, as they were recommended to me and I can see why.
Thanks to the team for fix a long-term issue we have had with drainage. Jem, set the job up, then Josh Chester and Tyler (apprentice) completed the work. Very professional and polite, worked hard and clean, and were on time as booked. Would highly recommend. Thanks guys.
Nathan was great. Came on Sunday, cleared blocked stormwater drain in the pouring rain, explained the job and gave us options to manage going forward. Polite, thorough and pleasant to deal with. Would hire again. Highly recommend.
Our first time using Jetset for a blocked drain Stuart & his mate arrived spot on time assessed the job & explained what was required & involved in clearing the system, price was agreed & job completed with no fuss or mess in a professional manner, both guys were friendly & courteous throughout. Great service by both guys & glad we chose Jetset, will definitely use again & would definitely recommend to friends & family.
I spoke with Jake in relation to an outdoor drainage solution for our property and he was very helpful. Jake listened to what my requirements were rather than going straight into solutions mode and gave me further areas for consideration. Excellent customer service!
Edit: I needed a plumber again and did not hesitate to call Jetset. Jem arrived and talked me through my problem and possible solutions. Once again AMAZING SERVICE AND PROFESSIONALISM! The entire team at Jetset are a wonderful group of people and their business and social ethic is truly inspiring! Matt was fantastic! Gave us great advice about our storm water drain pipes and set my mind at ease about our sewer drains with the CCTV drain camera and high pressure water jetting. They are a really professional business, great service AND they are actively supporting and caring for children and community. Highly recommend!
We engaged Jetset to fix a damaged drain pipe. The job was easy to book, the plumbers arrived on time, were extremely professional, pleasant and great communicators. We had 4 different plumbers come out on 3 different occasions as the job was completed in stages. Normally dealing with different team members is not a good thing, but with Jetset, it was seamless - each plumber going above and beyond to be helpful beyond their duties. Overall the job was completed with outstanding quality, without compromise. Would like to especially thank Blake, Nathan, Jessy and Steve for their hard work in getting our pipe sorted.
After recently purchasing our house we discovered that the Water Tank was feeding the toilets and possibly the laundry. Upon discovering this fact we inspected the cisterns of the toilets only to discover that the amount of sediment in there was extremely gross. Because the Tank had not been maintained and the top of the Tank was collapsed we opted to put the toilets and laundry back on mains water and remove the Water Tank completely. This involved removing the Leaf catchers from all the downpipes feeding the Tank, relocating 2 downpipes so a patio could be built, digging out the sunken Tank(300mm into the ground) reconnecting the storm water pipes and downpipes to all flow to the street, installation of a 450mm pit, and all the associated work that goes with laying pipes underground. The Team from Jetset Plumbing did an awesome job, it wasn't easy and there were some unexpected hiccups along the way but they took it all in their stride. They were very Professional, especially Jem who organised the crew to do the work, Chris who spent most of the first day getting all the pipes in place in case it rained. On day two a young polite and courteous man by the name of Cruise arrived to finish the remaining work. he too was very professional and the high standard of work done by both Chris and Cruise was excellent. And best part was that they came in on budget exactly, as Jem is that good a quoting accurately!! If you need some plumbing work done, big or small I can highly recommend the Team at Jetset Plumbing, they are simply the best!
We are extremely impressed with Mike from Jetset plumbing who fixed our blocked drain which was backing up into our kitchen sink. The problem was identified promptly and Mike was super thorough, friendly and professional. Will definitely use Jetset in the future & highly recommend. Jeff & Yvette
We were fortunate to have, Mike, do our work again. Like last time, he was friendly, efficient, and very competent in doing his plumbing magic to transform our old, damaged and cruddy bath waste drain into a shiny new one! Highly recommended 👏
JetSet Plumbing have been fantastic. Super communicative and friendly. Blake gave me a call before arriving and kept up the communication throughout. On top of that he was very friendly, professional and not only fixed a blockage but gave me some advice on other issues. I would not hesitate to get them back any time. I’ve definitely found our new go-to for plumbing!

What Is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is a revolutionary new technology that can repair your cracked and broken drains while removing the need to dig up your lawn, patio, garden and driveway.

The pipe relining process makes life easier for the customer because it’s faster and less destructive, removing the need to excavate your home.

Pipe relining before and after
Pipe Relining Experts 2

By using the latest state of the art pipe relining technology, we can create a new internal pipe inside of the existing pipe. A 2-part mix creates an epoxy resin that’s applied to a liner which is pulled through the pipe.

When it is in position, the liner is expanded which leaves a fibreglass shell behind. This shell is both stronger and more durable than the original pipe which can’t be penetrated by tree roots.

Advantages Of Pipe Relining

  • It eliminates structural disturbances.
  • It’s impervious to future tree root growth.
  • It provides increased flow.
  • It restores integrity to damaged or cracked pipes – thus stopping leaks.
  • The ability to reline junctions and tee’s in one action – creating a sealed joint.
  • It is a permanent jointless liner.
  • There is minimal disturbance to finished surfaces, surroundings and your garden.
  • It improves water quality, elimates contamination from lead and other metal pipes.
  • It is suitable for industrial, commercial, residential and strata applications.
  • NO NEED TO DIG – save your driveway, interior flooring, landscaping and money.
  • It eliminates structural disturbances.
  • It’s impervious to future tree root growth.
  • It provides increased flow.
  • It restores integrity to damaged or cracked pipes – thus stopping leaks.
  • The ability to reline junctions and tee’s in one action – creating a sealed joint.
  • It is a permanent jointless liner.
  • There is minimal disturbance to finished surfaces, surroundings and your garden.
  • It improves water quality, elimates contamination from lead and other metal pipes.
  • It is suitable for industrial, commercial, residential and strata applications.
  • NO NEED TO DIG – save your driveway, interior flooring, landscaping and money.

In the past, broken and root infested pipes would require:

  • A trench to be dug
  • The damaged pipe cut off & removed
  • A new section of pipe installed
  • The trench to be backfilled
  • The top soil to be compacted down
  • New grass & garden to be planted

And this was the best case scenario!

If the broken pipe is under any concrete or other obstructions, fixing these pipes becomes a far more difficult process and can take a lot more time.

Pipe relining removes the need to deal with any of these issues.

Pipe Relining Experts 1
Pipe relining medals
Jetset Plumbing only uses Watermarked materials, which means it’s approved by all Australian regulations. We back up all our pipe relining services by providing a 25 year warranty.

To add to this, we’ll organise a time to come back every year for a free camera inspection to inspect your drainage system and make sure that everything is in tip top condition for the next 25 years.

How Does Our Pipe Relining Process Work?

The 8 Steps of Pipe Relining.

Pipe Relining Steps 1

Step 1.

A high pressure water jetter is sent down to clean and clear the drain.

Pipe Relining Steps 2
Step 2.

After the pipe is cleared, we send down a drain camera to diagnose the problem.

Pipe Relining Steps 3
Step 3.

Once the issue has been established, the qualified plumber will provide a quote.

Pipe Relining Steps 4
Step 4.

We will schedule a time that suits you and your family.

Pipe Relining Steps 5
Step 5.

We will arrive at the time scheduled, outline what we will be doing and set up the machinery.

Pipe Relining Steps 6
Step 6.

Proceed with the pipe relining as explained, video the finished result, and test the new pipe to make sure it’s working at 100%.

Pipe Relining Steps 7
Step 7.

You will be given a 25 Year Guarantee certificate.

Pipe Relining Steps 8
Step 8.

Every year we’ll schedule a FREE CCTV Camera Inspection with you to make certain everything is in good working order.

Reasons To Reline

No digging

Your property is not disturbed.
“No Dig” technology.

Fixed quickly
Repairs are carried out quickly.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
Cost effective
Cost effective compared to replacing pipes.
4x stronger
4x stronger than standard PVC pipes.
No tree roots
Tree roots can’t penetrate.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
No tree roots
Tree roots can’t penetrate.
Pipe Relining Experts Brisbane

Jetset Plumbing – the Pipe Relining Experts

We are a fully licenced, insured and independently owned plumbing company with a long history top quality work.

Jetset Plumbing is Work Health & Safety compliant and a member of the Master Plumbers Association.

We only use Watermarked liner, which meets Australian standards 3500. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting a quality, approved and legal product.

When you work with Jetset Plumbing, you’ll be dealing with a Jetset team member from start to finish. We’ll never hand you off to subcontractors. So you can be confident that you’ll always be taken care of by the top rated experts at Jetset Plumbing.

Master Plumbers Association of Qld
Top 8 Reasons Why More Locals Choose Jetset Plumbing!

1 Our Gold Medal Service
More and more locals are leaving 5 star reviews on Google explaining their great experiences with Jetset Plumbing.

2 No Call Out Fees
Never had them, never will! You should never pay for travel.

3 Fixed Flat Rates
You always know exactly what the job price is BEFORE we undertake any work.

4 Our Famous Promotions
We have run so many AMAZING promotions over the years and they keep getting better! We are proud to say we have changed some of our customers lives!

5 Fully Licenced Plumbers
This is an obvious one! We do not send apprentices to your job. Only licenced plumbers with years of experience.

6 Charitable Contributions
Jetset Plumbing gives back to our local communities as they are the people who keep us in a job!

7 Quality Workmanship Guarantee
Peace of mind that we will return if something goes wrong.

8 10% Pensioner and Senior Discounts
Because every little bit helps!

BONUS Reason:

* Jetset Plumbing are partners with World Vision
Proceeds from every job are donated to World Vision for less fortunate people around the world. Locals know that the company they use is helping make a difference.

Symptoms of Blocked Drains

Slow Draining

One of the most common signs of a blocked drain is slow emptying of the sink or toilet. The problem typically becomes worse over time. Slow drainage can also occur in the shower and cause water to accumulate on the floor.

Foul Odours

When a blockage is present in your plumbing, water, hair and debris accumulate. Stagnant water and decomposing solids create a pungent odour that can be detected in the area around your sinks, showers, tubs and toilets.

Gurgling Sounds

A drain that is blocked will often cause the affected fixture to gurgle as the water drains. If you have a main sewer drain blockage, you may hear gurgling in your tub or shower or when you drain your sink.

Changes In Your Toilet Flush

A blockage can make the water level in your toilet rise higher when you flush. It can also affect filling and lead to a lower water level in the bowl. A main sewer drain blockage can also cause water to flow back into the tub or shower when you flush the toilet.

Pipe Relining FAQs

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining uses an epoxy resin liners to create an extremely strong, new inner pipe within cracked or broken pipes.

This keyhole technology avoids the need to dig up and replace the pipe. This means that businesses can get back to work faster (saving time and money), and you and your family can get back to using your plumbing in just a few hours.


What Are the Benefits of Pipe Relining?

1. It Solves a Wide Range of Pipe Issues.

Pipe relining can solve a variety of pipe issues. Cracks, deformities, leaks, rust, and breakage are all easily repaired with the proper materials and methods.

2. It’s More Cost Effective

If you don’t want to spend the money needed to replace the entire pipe system, pipe relining is a cost-effective solution. It’s also relatively quick, which means labour costs won’t be as high as with full pipe replacement. The materials used will also not break the bank. When you combine these benefits with the fact that no substantial construction work is required, pipe relining is often far less expensive than regular drain excavation.

3. It’s Fast and Convenient

You may think that any work involving plumbing pipes will be time-consuming. This is generally true, especially when considering pipe replacement, excavation, and construction work. Pipe relining is an exception since it eliminates the need for extensive excavations, pipe removal, and replacement. This saves time spent waiting, overseeing repairs, and plumbing downtime. Downtime should always be kept to a minimum when it comes to your plumbing, especially when it’s going to impact your business.

4. No Need to Dig Up and Damage Your Property

If you’re worried about the damage and noise that your pipe repairs can produce, don’t be! Because there is no significant excavation or construction required. pipe relining minimises disturbance or harm to the surrounding region and eliminates noise. This is especially true if the pipe runs under your house or driveway.

5. It’s Highly Durable and Long Lasting

A relined pipe will last for decades. The materials used are typically stronger than the original pipe, making your pipes more resistant to damage. It also provides you with peace of mind because you won’t have to worry about your pipes.

Jetset Plumbing offers a 25 year guarantee on our workmanship and pipe relining products.


Are All Pipe Relining Services the Same?


Here at Jetset Plumbing, we use top-tier pipe relining technology to ensure long-lasting and highly durable pipes.

Brawoliner are the world leader in pipe relining technology and we’ve found them to be far superior to other pipe relining brands used by many other plumbers. And that’s why we exclusively use Brawoliner pipe relining.

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